Create Higher Organic Search with Facebook Post Ideas

Facebook has become one of the most sought after social media platforms for individuals and businesses alike. With over millions of users using Facebook every day at almost every time, it is a great way to reach thousands of audience with one content piece. However, your content ideas have to be smart in order to garner searches that are more organic or else it will be lost in vain. Here are some essential tips to conceive better performing Facebook posts that can get you increased attention.

  • Finding content that belongs to other people and has gained ample popularity is a great way to begin. Popular posts are likely to be shard more too. Using filters such as status type, keyword filter, filter by language and time as well as search by page; you can find interesting posts that have gone popular in the shortest time.
  • Analytics tools are an amazing way to identify your previous posts that have gained popularity. Re-share these posts in a 6 months period or as long as it is relevant. The posts also stand a chance to be witnessed more the second time around, if first reach was not that useful, as you wanted.
  • Posting trending topics on Facebook, especially if they involve videos is a sure win formula now. The current trend of promoting products and services through videos is high as it gathers high reach and audience engagement. You can filter the most popular video posts as well as consider live streaming for your products.
  • Your competitors can help you big time in finding out what your audience likes and post likewise Facebook content. Since your competitors are trying to attract the same set of audience as you, it is advisable to research on the topics that tour competitors are covering and posting. You can find out the most liked and shared content of your competitors and then formulate your content in line with it.
  • Making videos out of a series of previously popular images are a great away of engaging your audience and getting higher organic search. Since videos are all the rage now, compiling previously popular content into new formats and presenting them to your target audience can save you extra effort and give you great results. You do not necessarily have to create an actual live video. Some easy to use video tools can help you achieve this compilation.
  • Keywords play an important role in content search. Identify the most shared content on Facebook in terms of keywords and share them or make your own unique content out of these keywords. Simple keyword search tools can help you with this task.
  • Keep a tab on other social media platforms where you have been posting content. Content that has been popular on other platforms can be re-formatted or re-shared on Facebook, thereby increasing your organic search result.

These simple yet effective ways of coming up with Facebook post ideas will definitely help in achieving some, if not all of your organic search criteria. To learn more about Social Media Marketing Consulting, contact us!