Create an effective logo to establish your brand

An impressive company logo effectively captures the essence of the brand and its message to the wider audience, thus establishing its presence. A logo is instrumental in personifying and embodying a brand’s presence in the outer world, thus establishing a goal.

It is necessary for a brand logo to promote a brand effectively, without overshadowing the brand itself. A successful logo defines the brand and makes it stand out in the crowd. Brands such as Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Coca-Cola to name but a few, beautifully define the brand.

When designing a brand’s logo, keep in mind the color themes, design choices, and ideas that would click with the average viewer. A few key components of building a brand logo are as follows:

  • Colors play an essential role in designing a logo. They create certain emotional responses that are pivotal in accentuating viewer response. Red evokes excitement and passion, blue of clean and pure, purple is royal and youthful and orange is organic and natural. Keep the color balance subtle to match the brand's image, style and demographic. Make use of a single or less than two colors. More the colors, more the confusion, and distraction. Keep the logo simple or both social media and physical remembrance.
  • The brand logo should accentuate the brand's style. The logo should cater to the brand's emotion in a clever way. For example, a sports company like Nike has kept it simple with a swoosh logo in white that renders a to-do feel to the brand.
  • Many brands make use of negative space by choosing a single color and simple logo. They use a non-existent background color such as white or black to create an emphasis on the logo.

These are some of the effective ways of creating simple yet though provoking logos to establish your brand.