Effective tips to improve e-commerce marketing strategy

Small and new e-commerce businesses often strive to run their online business successfully. The first step towards establishing yourself a successful online market player is to get a strong social marketing strategy in place.

Here are some effective tips to improve your e-commerce marketing strategy.

  • Conducting regular usability tests are a great way to access your site’s sales process. Take your place as a typical shopper and search your site for some products, try adding them to the cart and check out. The entire process might reveal some technical glitches that could be hurting your sales. Conducting these regular usability tests enable you to identify these plaguing issues and resolve them for a smooth customer experience.
  • Many times a shopper adds items in his shopping cart and suddenly abandons it. This might be a sign that they would return to the site to buy those products. One can reduce the shopping cart abandonment issues by allowing shoppers to purchase without signing up for any account, offer multiple shipping and payment options, offering transparent pricing information, and not using many promotional codes.
  • Using social media platforms to establish your presence is a great way of using your social marketing strategy. While many businesses consider Facebook as the prime social media platform to promote their products and services, Instagram too is an effective tool for e-commerce promotion. The platform focuses mainly on videos and images to convey the brand's message and target a specific audience. Creating an Instagram account to post videos and images of your products with the appropriate hashtag will get you great results.
  • Facebook has added a live chat feature to its platform. Similarly, adding a live chat option to your website enables your customer base and prospective customers to interact with you about your products and services. This, in turn, brings positive response and converts visitors into sales. It is a rather inexpensive feature that can create good customer engagement with your brand if you answer to your customer’s queries promptly.

These are some of the effective ways of improving your e-commerce marketing strategy.