The 3 Pillars of Effective Social Media Marketing

With around 92% of marketers using social media as their promotional platform for products and services, it is imperative to consider this platform with seriousness. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are often used to find the target audience and maintain an active presence to reach the prospective customers and convert them into business clients. Here are 3 pillars of effective social media marketing tool that every marketer needs to consider. 

  • The foremost pillar of social media marketing that marketers need to consider is to engage their followers on social media platforms. Social media platform is a great way to interact with your customers existing and prospective. When they leave a comment, a query, or a response, it is highly important to revert to them, so that they know they are being heard. Conducting polls, answering their queries and comments, hosting contests etc. are some of the ways to boost engagement with your social media followers, thus making it an effective business marketing tool.
  • Stellar content is necessary to make a brand name successful. Content is what drives customers to your brand and make them your followers. Creating original content every time is great but also consider sharing existing content. While you do not happen to create existing content, when you share what is trending you let your customers know that you are abreast of the trending topics.
  • The brand is everything that matters to your business. Social media is an excellent platform to highlight and reinforce your brand to thousands of customers at the same time. Regardless of your industry or niche, it is imperative to use social media to tell your prospective audience about the brand and its involvement.

Some great ways to reinforce your brand through social media are:

  • Using a consistent brand imagery across all social media platforms is necessary to reckon with the target audience. The company’s logo, cover pages as well as color scheme matter the most.
  • Uploading working photos of the business is always better than generic images
  • Linking your social media profiles and pages to one another is a good way to expose your followers to all brand elements
  • Maintaining a consistent voice across all social media platforms lets your followers know your definite voice
  • Differentiating your brand from that of your competition is the best way to reckon with your customers