Use video in Twitter ads to increase effectiveness

Videos are an effective way to convey your message. What a picture can do for a thousand words, video can do more a million words. Videos are fast becoming one of the growing forms of media preferred by small business. Business can promote third business by displaying their products and services with a minimal investment, through videos. YouTube has been instrumental in promoting business through promotional videos. However, social media network Twitter too supports video ads.

While Twitter has long been associated with its limited 140-character text-based messages, the platform has expanded its reach by supporting videos. By supporting video advertisements, Twitter is allowing the business of all sizes to display promotional videos through their tweets.
It is imperative to choose the content for your video before posting on. Whether you want to create a tutorial video for a product or a teaser for an upcoming event, your videos can easily contain these contents.

Working of video ads
Twitter supports Promoted Videos that allows business to create videos that play automatically when the viewers scroll through their timelines. It is a cost-effective way to encourage greater engagement with your brand.
Visit Twitter Ads and choose the Creative Tab to get started. Select videos and upload your video to the advertiser dashboard. Twitter allows these video specifications:

  • MOV or MP4 file format
  • Video length should be within 10miutes
  • File should not be greater than 1GB
  • AAC-LC, stereo audio codecs
  • 30 frames minimum per second
  • Main or high profile, 264, baseline
  • 6,000k+ bitrate for 1080p

Once the video is uploaded, select ‘create a new campaign’ followed by ‘video views’. You can specify elements such as budget, a name for your campaign etc. Once approved, your video can go live. Keep monitoring your campaign to make sure that it is yielding positive results for your investment.

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