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We specialize in providing the required growth to sellers and marketplace vendors on Amazon. Over the last 5 years, we have developed a niche expertise in this area, and are committed to achieve client satisfaction with our unique data-driven approach.


Our Services

We provide a host of services for our client base. These services include the following- account management services, product listing services, SEO boosting content optimization services, advertising services, warehousing, operations and logistical support services, and data insight and analysis services. We also cater to client who wish to expand across national borders by our expert and experienced consultancy services.

Amazon Account Management services

We offer total operations management services for your Amazon account, so you can focus on the core competency of selling online. We take care of all the activities associated with handling an online Amazon seller account. Your growth story starts here. Feel free to contact us for ideas on improvement for selling online at Amazon.

Product listing services and SEO optimization

We understand the importance of the correct keywords on the online marketplace. By this understanding, we aid our clients to achieve higher rankings on Amazon, by the use of search engine optimization. This helps sellers to move ahead of competitors, improve cross selling and increase overall lead to conversion ratios in their daily operations.

Advertising services

We also handle Amazon advertising campaigns for our clients. We possess adequate experience and knowledge on the verticals involved, and the effectiveness rate of advertisements across brands and product categories. New customer acquisitions and retention ratios can improve largely with our advertising services.

Warehousing, Operations and Logistical services

As Amazon has developed to be one of the largest e-commerce intermediaries, they are very particular with regard to their partners abiding by preset key performance indicators (KPIs). Amazon is stricter for KPIs related to inbound logistics and warehousing of seller’s goods. Smooth warehousing and logistics would ensure optimum supply chain management and end user satisfaction with timely delivery of goods. Sellers would also be protected against out of stock fines and other warehousing and storage related issues

International Expansion Consulting

It is possible for sellers to sell their products beyond borders by listing on Amazon. We advise our clients regarding international expansions to USA, Europe, Asia, India, Mexico and others. Selling across borders requires careful market studies, market identification and an understanding of buyers’ tastes and preferences. It also involves establishing translated online content, research and drafting a detailed international operations plan.

Data insights and reporting services

Your Amazon dashboard is a wealth of analytical data which helps to locate vital indicators that track seller performance. Everyday operations can be made more profitable by analyzing the analytical data available. Possible sales opportunities can be analyzed along with finding solutions for current or future problems that sellers face while selling on the web domain. At Expert Edge, we aim to deliver quality data insights and reporting services to make our clients achieve higher sales numbers over time.

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