You heard it right - WordPress is very user-friendly and easy to manage.

Because of its scalability, high customization facility, WordPress grabs over 50-55% share of the global CMS websites and 8% of the Top 100 blogs are managed using WordPress!

As WordPress Gurus, we are in the market with most number of WordPress Experts who help build these highly customizable and user friendly sites.

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WordPress – the best option for new businesses

Whether you own a new start up or setting your foot in online marketplace, WordPress is proving to be the new buzzword. Even if you already own a website and are not happy with it, this new way of approaching the social marketplace can help you score big.

WordPress has taken the world by storm-thanks to its open source CMS platform. Professional WordPress development companies are delivering the best website designing solution through WordPress, the simple reason being its easily customizable factor.

Customizing with WordPress

Customizing WordPress to suit your business and your target audience is the new keyword. Whether you are a blogger or a new start up owner who wants to establish an online footing, getting the feel of the online publishing world without much hassle is easy with WordPress.

With many templates available, it does not limit one to any boundaries. Instead of taking on the hassles of creating a website from scratch without any prior technical knowhow. Talk to our WordPress experts and get the free advise on the nitty gritty of the platform who can help you out with the nitty gritty of the platform.

Since it is flexible, the company that designs your website using WordPress can enable you to completely handle and make changes to your website whenever you want without having to run to them for every inclusion or deletion.

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Easy & Cool Features

Olive Solutions has designed a lot of websites on WordPress particularly for newer businesses, and the simple reason being its easily customizable factor. WordPress has become a very comprehensive Content Management System powering easier maintenance with no need for hiring a developer, easy e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce.

Another reason to love custom WordPress development services is that it is SEO friendly. Apart from having cheap premium themes that need almost no customization since they are so good, WordPress gives you a head start with Search Engine Optimization. The platform uses well-written codes and hence, is a favourite with search engines such as Google.

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