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Pay Per Click

Statistics reveal that the top 3 paid ad spots on Google receive 41% of the clicks (source: Wordstream), and thus if all your business energy is focused on SEO and content marketing, it doesn’t matter where you rank, those 41% of audience will never click on your content!

The real advantage PPC avails is you can target any customer from any part of the world, and when you analyze the fact that 80% of local search on our smartphones lead to a purchase (source: Search Engine Watch), it means PPC can generate real quick conversions with real good numbers for your business.

This is why 72% of business owners would deem their money with PPC ads than on SEO or other forms of marketing (source: Exposure Ninja).

How does PPC Work?

PPC works very systematically by outlining the keywords that your targeted customers search for and putting across your products/services so it triggers into conversions.

An effective PPC campaign relies on various things including right Targeting, Converting Landing Pages, Appropriate Bidding, etc – all this when bulked into PPC strategy, it asks for hefty amount of time and thus an experienced PPC agency can be the saviour and ensure your business grows rapidly and instantly as desired.

A robust PPC campaign when done well can bring ‘instant’ results for your business. It all boils down to more spend = more leads…and until someone actually clicks on your ad, you don’t pay a penny!



A professional looking website ideal for increasing awareness of your small business or startup with unlimited pages, Social Media Integration, Email Marketing features and much more. We’ll give you all the training you need to upload your own content, keeping costs down.

Who is this for The perfect package for new startups and small businesses on a budget. REQUEST A QUOTE


A complete E-Commerce system with unlimited products, full inventory control, multiple payment methods and even the ability to export data directly into your accounting software!

Who is this for Ideal for small businesses wishing to strengthen online sales and significantly increase revenue. REQUEST A QUOTE


An entirely ‘done-for-you’ package where we’ll write your copy, upload the content and provide you with a ready-to-use money making machine.

Who is this for For established businesses who are ready to ramp up their marketing to attract, engage and convert their website visitors to paying customers. REQUEST A QUOTE


SEO and Digital Marketing packages customised to your business goals, designed to increase your digital footprint and online visibility making it easier for potential leads to find you online.

Who is this for Small, medium or large businesses looking to attract more traffic and convert more leads to paying customers. REQUEST A QUOTE

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