Online marketing is no more a ‘one size fits all’ saga.

What works well for one business may not work at all for others. It’s good having a professional website with good content, but if your target audience can’t find it you, then it is of no use. 

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Search Engine Optimization

It’s obvious by now, that any business’ goal is to be in front of people right when they are searching online for your products/services.

This process of gaining the online visibility in front of targeted audience is called search engine optimization.  This course however is not so an easy attempt as it used to be few years back.  Yes, old school tactics are long dead.

As an expert SEO agency, we strategize and send Google and other search engines all the right signals to give you those highly desired rankings and visibility.  However only rankings and traffic will not alone help – we ensure right site optimization so that the audience that lands on the site, do actually convert.  Ranking and Traffic is good BUT Customers are Better!

Olive Solutions are an absolute delight to work with! Their experts offered guidance, advise and overall, a fantastic service. The new design reflects who we are and what we do and especially, the Mobile-friendly site across different platforms has enabled us to reach larger mobile users and maximize our business. Website Development combined with their marketing strategies has paid for our marketing almost 9 times over in just 6 months.

- My Beauty Bazaar

Pay Per Click

Quick Customers with just a click

Chances are you have probably heard term ‘PPC advertising’ before (stands for pay-per-click), but have you ever gauged what it can do for your business? Many of the times, we ourselves click on the very top result on Google’s first page, which are either AdWords Text or Display Ads and don’t go further down the listings. A robust PPC campaign when done well can bring ‘instant’ results for your marketing efforts.

Whilst we believe businesses should invest in paid marketing as their advertising plans, but there is also a vast difference on setting up just any PPC campaign and one that is aligned with the rest of advertising strategy.  The idea is planning, strategizing, continuous review, ideal refinements, and ongoing monitoring that we cater for every campaign – to ensure we utilize the paid clicks in most efficient way by driving targeted customers to you business.

We knew exactly what we wanted from our site and working with the guys at Olive Solutions was simply a great experience. Their Team designed such an impressive and Call-to-Action focused site and this has saved us ample of time manually handling enquiries and our bookings have been surge every month since starting the SEO services with Olive Solutions.

- Eggmania

Social Media Marketing 

Enhance your Online Presence with Social Media Marketing

With over 2.1+ billion active social media users, the importance of these rapidly growing platforms can’t be stressed enough.   With Facebook leading the trail, any business without an active presence (or any relevant social platform), would be sad to know how much money they are leaving on the table for their competitors!

We help businesses harness the power of social media by managing their complete social arena. We ensure you come out as authority in your niche, engage with audience, post & promote quality content and monitor the entire social segment.

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